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Lubou Kavaleva: I cant get my son back neither alive, nor dead

11:51, — Politics

Lubou Kavaleva: I cant get my son back  neither alive, nor dead

The mother of the executed Uladzislau Kavaleu wont give up attempting to get her sons body.

October 10 is the World Day Against Death Penalty. Belarus is the only European country where they still sentence to death penalty and it is executed.

It is one of the main reasons for Belarus still not being accepted to the Council of Euroep, Radio Svaboda reports.

Lubou Kavaleva from Vitebsk started a campaign Give the body back with the help of Dutch human rights activists. She is trying to make Belarusian authorities give her the body of her sin, who was executed together with Dzmitry Kanavalau after being sentenced to death penalty by the Supreme Court for the blast in the Minsks subway. The Dutch human rights activists are collecting signatures under an appeal to the Belarusian authority, which includes the request to abolish death penalty. Lubou Kavaleva explains why this is being done:

Yes, I cant get my son back. Unfortunately, I cant get him back neither alive, nor dead. It is very painful. You understand, its a torture for a mother not to know where her child is. I think, theres no guarantee that other people, other Belarusians wont end up in a situation like mine.

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