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Aleg Gaidukevich doesnt remember detaining oppositionists  ? 57

13:07, — Politics

Aleg Gaidukevich doesnt remember detaining oppositionists

Former head of the Frunze districts police department, according to him, doesnt give away friends.

Aleg Gaidukevich at a meeting with journalists said that Liberal Democratic Party, which is headed by his father Siargei Gaidukevich, admits that there are political prisoners in Belarus, Radio Svaboda reports.

Gaidukevich junior also answered the questions addressed to him earlier by Young Fronts activists.

He said that he will never be ashamed for he served in police.

Former head of the police of the Minsks Frunze district confessed, that he never gives out friends, that is why he keeps communicating with Dinas Linkus. Earlier Linkus was sentenced to four year in a high security prison for beating the head of Shchuchyn districts department of security Aliaksei Siargei.

Gaidukevich also stated that he didnt remember the oppositionists, detained by his subordinates. He also assured that Belarusian police was never engaged in falsifications.

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