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Lukashenka will complaint of Kremlin by means of CIS mouthpiece 27

11:17, — Politics

Lukashenka will complaint of Kremlin by means of CIS mouthpiece

This year Lukashenka, who traditionally tells Russian media all the truth about Russia in the end of September beginning of October, didnt risk addressing journalists live.

The reason is understandable there are more than enough of scandal topics and burning issues, which are hard to escape.

Most likely exactly for that reason Belarusian propaganda chose another way of bringing the seasonal Lukashenkas complaints of Russian president Vladimir Putin and Kremlin to the Russians and the whole CIS, AFN reports.

As a mouthpiece of the truth the broadcasting structure of the CIS the interstate TV and Radio Company Mir.

Judging from the flow of events in the oil cooperation between Russia and Belarus (possible introduction of duties on solvents and thinners, limitation of oil and oil products supplies to Belarus), the conditions of prolongation of the Sberbanks $ 1 billion loan to Belaruskaliy, the Lukashenkas travel to Sochi in September to talk to Putin hasnt brought any desirable results. It means that its time to bump of the partner on the air of the unbiased and objective media as if speaking on behalf of all the rest of the countries, which are still member of the CIS.

Apart from that there is an urgent need to get the wide public acquainted with Belarusian, the most correct, variants of projects in the potash and automobile industries (MAZ-KaMAZ), correct value of the states share of the MTS etc.

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