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They will confiscate cars from drunk drivers  ? 256

11:27, — Auto

They will confiscate cars from drunk drivers

The Lukashenkas idea has already found public support.

Punishment for the people driving drunk should be toughened. Such an opinion was expressed to BelTA by the deputy head of the Belarusian association of international automobile carriers (BAIAC) Mikalai Verhavets.

Apparently, the measures, provided by the current legislation, are not enough, - thinks the specialist. These are the respective structures, having the road incident statistics and the information about the consequences, that should asses more precisely the level and type of punishment, - he added.

My position is unequivocal: it is flatly unacceptable to drive being drunk, - Mikalai Verhavets highlighted.

Naturally, if someone doesnt apprehend this regulation it should be followed by in a way educational sanctions, which would eliminate further possibility to drive drunk, - the specialist is sure. According to him, any person in sane mind knows that it is impossible to allow a situation, when one can get into a car and drive around a city or outside it being drunk.

On 8 October at a working meeting with the Prosecutor General Aliaksandr Kaniuk Aliaksandr Lukasheka commissioned him with developing the issue of increasing the drunk drivers responsibility. In this respect different measures are being discussed, including the possibility of confiscation of vehicles.

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