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Aleg Volchak: Proxies are being appointed 9

14:53, — Politics

Aleg Volchak: Proxies are being appointed

Appointment of Valery Vakulchyk as a new KGB chief tells that Lukashenka has run out of professionals, the expert believes.

The head of the state does not have professionals anymore. A person without legal education and investigatory experience cannot head first the Operational and analytical center, then the Investigatory Committee and now KGB. His appointment tells that the people whom Lukashenka can trust are put in these positions, - former prosecutor offices investigator and the head of the Legal Assistance to Citizens human rights center Aleg Volchak.

According to the expert, Valery Vakulchyk was supposed to upgrade the Investigatory Committee and now he is thrown to KGB:

Such an appointment causes a surprise. Before, when someone was changed, when would take deputies or the heads of regional departments. Valery Vakulchyk should have stayed in the Investigatory Committee till the end, to upgrade it. But we see that the Investigatory Committee is already facing problems, a lot of censure arise. And to transfer an official to another district is problematic.

We would remind that on 9 November Lukashenka dismissed Vadzim Zaitsau from the position of the head of KGB. The formal reason for the dismissal was the death of a KGB lieutenant colonel Aliaksandr Kazak as well as a number of other reasons, which are not voiced.

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