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In Hungary did not understand the words of Lukashenko  ? 76

9:14, — Politics

In Hungary did not understand the words of Lukashenko

The Hungarian government was forced to awkwardly rebuff some comments about the country by belarusian governor.

According to a report from Belarusian state news agency Belta entitled Lukashenko: Western society changes views on democracy and market economy, the Belarusian president who has often been dubbed Europes last dictator said the following during the appointment of new Belarusian envoys to Hungary and France:

Hungary used to be a socialist country. We used to be good friends with them. We used to have very close relations. After they became fed up with democracy and market economy they got sober.

Lukashenko then went on to say that Belarus needs to build relations with Hungary, as it cannot lose this country.

After Lukashenkos comments were republished in the local media, government spokesman András Giró-Szász on Saturday dismissed the Belarusian strongmans statement as a joke.

The words can only be interpreted as a joke, as Hungary is striving to respond to the economic and social challenges faced by all European nations in the framework of democracy and rule of law, Giró-Szász said.

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