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Satellite dishes to be banned?  ? 177

14:24, — Politics

Satellite dishes to be banned?

New formalities will be introduced to install satellite dishes making the process even more difficult.

A reader from Navapolatsk told about the recent order issued by the local executive committee.

In accordance with the order, design documents, permission from the city executive committee and building's owner are needed to install a satellite dish or an air conditioner.

The order obliges to provide conclusions and calculations of strength properties of satellite dishes and air conditioners and their mounting elements, a possible negative effect on building's parts and elements and information about the noise level of the working outside unit of the air conditioner.

A report on equipment installation works is also needed. A contract to define the necessary procedures and rights and obligations of the parties regarding to equipment usage may be signed.

Those installing a satellite dish or an air conditioner without permission will be brought to responsibility.

To legalise satellite dishes and air conditioners already installed without permission, owners should submit a noise measurement report and a technical report confirming that the works to install a satellite dish or an air conditioners comply with the acting construction rules and regulations.

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