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Police scared by information on 51

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Police scared by information on

After the article Vicious circle of lies was published, police questioned the woman who shared information with the website.

The website learnt it from Lyubou Sankevich, a member of the civil initiative against lawlessness in courts and prosecuting agencies:

Policemen visited me at home on November 12, but I said they should send me a summons. The came again in the evening and handed me a summons for November 13. I went to a police department the next morning. Policeman Syarhei Rudzko drew up a questioning report in connection with publication of the article 'Vicious circle of lies' on Charter'97 website.

Police officers asked about the name and telephone number of the journalist, who had talked to Lyubou Sankevich:

They asked if I had phoned the website. I said journalists had phoned me after reading information on Facebook. They asked: 'What is Facebook?' I answered it was funny that I, a pensioner, knew it, but they didn't. I advised them to read about it on the Internet. They asked about the name of the journalist who had phoned me and his phone number. But I said didn't ask h name and did't save his number.

In the article titled Vicious circle of lies published on the website on October 17 Lyubou Sankevich said about falsifications in legal proceedings and how former director of the tractor parts plant Uladzimir Valadkovich robbed the enterprise and Barys Batura, a then chairman of the Mahilou region executive committee, protected him.

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