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Gaidukou: Think about yourselves, do not worry about me 10

11:12, — Politics

Gaidukou: Think about yourselves, do not worry about me

The relatives of the Navapolatsk activist Andrei Gaidukou, arrested on the accusation of espionage, received three letters from him at once.

The mother of the activist Volga told Salidarnasc about that.

- In one envelope there were three letters to me, my husband and daughter, - the interlocutor said. The letters date back to 6 December. Generally, since Andrei was transferred to a jail in Vitebsk, the correspondence from him has been arriving stably.

Gaidukou asks not to worry about him:

- Think about yourselves, do not worry about me. Like he is at a resort, - Gaidukous mother sighs. By some miracle he received an old November issue of Belgazeta, where there was an interview with Yaugen Kanstantsinau. So now he asks to send more newspapers to him.

Volga is preparing another parcel for her son:

- Via the lawyer my son asked to send him a wrist watch and a TV set, so I will take another parcel to the jail. Probably next Tuesday. Of food he asked for sugar and fat. A traditional New Years present came to Andrei from Naftan sweets. Now we will uncover all of them one by one covers are not allowed. So it will look less fancy, but we will send a lot of candy to our son. It is good that I retire on Monday, so I will be able to go to Vitebsk more often. Although, at work all the colleagues and friends treat our situation with understanding and even helped with money.

Volga Gaidukova hopes for the best: I will not guess, but the lawyer thinks that Andreis chances are good.

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