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The cross commemorating Polish officers stolen from Kurapaty again photos 32

8:19, — Society

It was re-installed on 29 November and lasted for only three days.

The chairman of the Belarusian office of the international association Memorial Uladzimir Ramanouski reported that. The cross was installed three days ago by Uladzimir Ramanouski, a political prisoner of the Soviet times Siargei Khanzhankou and civic activist Ganna Shaputska who is the intiator of the fight against the construction of the Bulbash-Hall, Euroradio reports.

This is the second time when the cross either disappears or is destroyed. For the first time a memorial sign to the officers of the Polish army was installed in Kurapaty on 29 October and stolen the next day. One of the initiators of a cross erection, an investigator of Kurapaty Igar Kuzniatsou accused activists of the Conservative Christian BPF party, whom he saw at the spot. However, the activists then explained that they had seen the place already with the cross missing and decided to put in in order.

The initiative of a memorial sign erection was criticized by some people, because it is not known for sure whether the Polish officers, murdered by Bolsheviks, are buried in Kurapaty.

Now the activists are getting to install the cross for the third time.

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