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Andrei Gaidukou to his mother: Do not expect miracles

13:01, — Politics

Andrei Gaidukou to his mother: Do not expect miracles

The activist from Navapolatsk has been in captivity for more than two months already. The details of his case are still unknown.

Mama, do not expect miracles. And do not worry. I accepted such rules some time ago and was ready to be arrested for something any minute. Forgive me for all the stresses that I caused you, - Andrei Gaidukou writes in his latest letter to his mother Volga.

The registered letter came on 11 January. Volga Gaidukova told Euroradio that after the New Years the connection with her son was normal. Letters come regularly from him. The only thing that alerts her the son asks not to write many letters. Volga Gaidukova thinks that not all of them make in to Americanka (the KGB prison). Probably that is the reason for Andreis request.

We would remind that Andrei Gaidukou, a youth opposition activist from Navapolatsk, was detained by KGB officials in Vitebsk on 8 November 2012. He was accused of espionage to the benefit of an international intelligence service. The details of the case are not known by far. The relatives and comrades of Gaidukovs are sure that his detention is connected to the guys oppositional views.

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