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Two years without Avtoradio

15:28, — Politics

Two years without Avtoradio

The radio station staff were informed on January 12, 2011, that broadcasting would be stopped.

The official reason was airing the programmes that contained public calls to extremist activity.

The Ministry of Information said the calls to extremist activity were in presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov's speech The future of the country is defined not in the kitchen, but on the square. Though the slogan was also spread by official media, only Avtoradio faced problems.

The situation didn't look bad for Avtoradio in the beginning. On March 9, 2011, the Supreme Economic Court held invalid the warning by the Ministry of Information and the decision by the Republican TV and Radio Commission on broadcast termination. On March 17, the board of appeal revoked the court decision and the case was returned to the court for reconsideration. Avtoradio lost the second trial. On May 10, the board of appeal of the Supreme Economic Court dismissed the appeal by the radio station asking to declare invalid the decision on broadcast termination.

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