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Georgian MFA to Lukashenka: We will not return to the CIS 24

14:27, — Politics

Georgian MFA to Lukashenka: We will not return to the CIS

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Maya Pandgikidze commented on Lukashenkas calls on Georgia to return to the CIS and also on the visit of Belarusian minsters to Tbilisi.

The other day the head of the Georgian MFA told in an interview to the Lithuanian web-site Delfi, that on 12-13 February the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Sports Minister are coming to Georgian to participate in an informal meeting with colleagues from other Eastern Partnership countries.

Maya Pandgikidze commented on the invitation of the Belarusian ministers for Radio Svaboda:

- Eastern Partnership is a European Unions program, six countries participate in it, and Belarus is among them. It is the second informal meeting held in this format, it is not solely a meeting of the ministers of foreign affairs, but also a sector meeting on transport issues. Belarus is a member of Eastern Partnership that is why we invited its representatives, there is nothing surprising here. This meeting is organized by the European Union, European Commissioner Stefan Fule, who will chair the meeting with the foreign ministers, and European Commissioner Callas, who will participate in the meeting of transport ministers, will come to Tbilisi.

Answering the question about Tbilisis attitude to Aliaksandr Lukashenkas calls on Georgias return to CIS, which were voiced during his yesterdays press-conference, the Minister said:

- I repeatedly said that the only union Georgia would join is the European Union. And the only military and political alliance that Georgia would join is NATO.

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