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Dictator demanded to increase the control over the economy 36

14:33, — Politics

Dictator demanded to increase the control over the economy

Lukashenka warned about the strengthening of the state control over the economy.

I said a lot about that and I want to confirm it one more time the control will be increased in Belarus. It does not mean that we will follow everyone, this, god forbid, will lead that we will press, squeeze or bend someone over we will not have that. It must be honest and decent, - Lukashenka stated when receiving the report of the chairman of the State Control Committee Aliaksandr Yakabson.

As the ruler noted, the processes and the development of our society and economy is at such a level today, that one cannot do without control, Interfax reports.

That is why everyone must hear and understand that where we need, we will be present in terms of control. First of all, of course, the State Control Committee, - Lukashenka said.

In particular, according to him, naturally we will not escape that the Control Committee will be obliged to control the spending of the states funds and resources by the state enterprises and sacredly guard the state property in order for it not to be squandered and work effectively today. This is the most important for the State Control Committee, - Lukashenka explained.

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