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Interrogation for a photo with Bialiatskis portrait 7

13:34, — Politics

Interrogation for a photo with Bialiatskis portrait

An activist of Belarusian Christian Democracy Siargei Malashonak is called to a talk about a picture of him with a portrait of Ales Bialiatski.

A district policeman came home to Siargei Malashonaks mother on 22 January. However the activists mother said that they did not live together and advised him to search for Siargei at the place of his residence.

The activists reported that to the web-site.

My mother called me and told that a district policeman was looking for me and I called him back. The policemen said that he did not know who looked for me and asked to call back in two hours. In an hour he called back himself and passed the phone to a senior officer. I was told that I was called to an interrogation at the Navapolatsk city police station on 23 January, - Malashonak told. I said that I needed an official document: who called me for the interrogation and in what role. The district policeman responded that if I needed a subpoena, they could deliver that anywhere. In the end we agreed that the subpoena would be left in the mailbox. However I have not yet received the subpoena today that is why I am not going anywhere.

Siargei notes that the reason for the talk was the action of solidarity with Ales Bialiatski and the human rights activists from Grodno.

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