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Supreme commercial court rejected Platformas claim 2

13:44, — Politics

Supreme commercial court rejected Platformas claim

The Supreme Commercial Court rejected Platformas appeal thus ending the case of Platformas liquidation.

The main reason for Platformas liquidation was allegedly the location of the organization at the address, different from the one used for the registration. A protocol was composed and a resolution of an administrative violation was made, the organizations web-site says.

However not a single court paid attention to the fact that all the documents were composed in the absence of Platformas representatives, do not have signatures and explanations of Platformas management (note of the refusal to sign). And the Tax Inspection for Minsks Soviet district failed to find explanations why the representatives of the inspection did not notify the organization about the administrative process when composing the protocols and resolutions.

Thus, the information about the administrative process against Platforma became known only when all the time-frames, provided in the legislation for appealing, expired.

At the same time, all the correspondence with the Tax Inspection was done at the address where the organization was registered.

Now Platforma has a new business organization and it is called Platform Innovation, which is the successor of the former organization.

- As we promised, Platforma remains in the legal field and we keep working in the previous regime, - Andrei Bandarenka commented. Moreover, not only does not Platforma stop its activities, but goes to a new level of work. Today we set broadening of the sphere of Platformas activities as our goal. Special attention will be paid to the work of the enforcing agencies of our country. Detection of the cases of tortures, pressure and threats on the part of the enforcing agencies tells about the necessity of the reforms in these agencies and introduction of changes into the current legislation. It is important to us that our citizens feel themselves protected from the dominating unlawfulness. We have prepared a completely new strategy which we will put into life.

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