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Witness: There are inconsistencies in Vasilyeu's case 15

16:40, — Politics

Witness: There are inconsistencies in Vasilyeu's case

Oral arguments were heard at a trial behind closed doors against former deputy head of the Minsk city executive committee Ihar Vasilyeu.

The court is expected to pronounce a verdict soon, Radio Svaboda reports.

A period to the case of former first deputy head of the Minsk city executive committee Ihar Vasilyeu will be put after February 8. According to a spokesman for the Minsk city court, oral arguments were already heard and the defendant is expected to make his final statement on February 8. The verdict will be pronounced on February 9 or later. At the beginning of the trial, Ihar Vasilyeu pleaded not guilty to accepting a bribe of $500,000. It's unknown what he says now. The trial was closed to public on January 4, because the court heard classified documents.

A witness, businessman Ihar Smyatanin, who rebutted the bribery version proposed by investigators, says why the trial was closed to public: Why was it closed? They found inconsistencies after my evidence. They initially said that they had agreed to give Vasilyeu a bribe after the presentation. It was found out later that it took place in February. There are many questions to the investigation.

Representatives of the prosecution Andrei Lytin already asked for punishment for Ihar Vasilyeu, but even the prosecutor general's office declines to say about the proposed punishment.

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