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Anastasia Dashkevich taken off Minsk-Vilnius train 31

10:43, — Politics

Anastasia Dashkevich taken off Minsk-Vilnius train

The wife of political prisoner Zmitser Dashkevich was going to Vilnius for an exam session in European Humanities University.

The reason was that he didn't change her passport after the marriage, Euroradio reports.

Anastasia says she consulted the passport office before the trip. She took the surname of Dashkevich and was to change her passport, but officers of the passport office said there's no problem: she can travel with her old passport with the marriage stamp if there is no annulled stamp. The girl didn't want to change her passport just after the marriage, because getting a new visa would take a long time.

Border guards told Anastasia Dashkevich everything was all right, but their commander was later told over the walkie-talkie that Dashkevich had to get off the train. Anastasia is on the border now trying to get home.

Anastasia spent much time preparing for her exam session in EHU. She married political prisoner Zmitser Dashkevich on December 26 in a prison in Hrodna.

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