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Pavel Seviarynets: I don't rule out possibility of boycotting presidential election 28

7:55, — Politics

Pavel Seviarynets: I don't rule out possibility of boycotting presidential election

A boycott of the 2015 election by the opposition is possible if the authorities propose artificial opponents.

Pavel Seviarynets doesn't rule out the possibility boycotting the presidential election in 2015 by the democratic forces. He made this statement at a press conference in Minsk on October 22, BelaPAN reports.

The boycott will happen if Lukashenka proposes artificial opponents for the election and if democratic forces representatives don't choose a single candidate, the co-head of the organising committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party thinks.

I am convinced that we need an alternative: creating people's government system, preparing a person able to take responsibility for the country and creating the alternative local governments ready to take over the power when necessary. We understand it will happen sooner or later: an economic collapse, a coup, geopolitics or something else, Seviarynets said.

This strategy should be put into practice now, the opposition politician thinks, because people must see who work for the public good every day, month and year and do the work instead of the appointed members of parliament and corrupt officials. This is the system, when the nation moves away from the regime, when people stop regarding the current regime as the authorities, is the ice that will make the current system slip on it, he added.

Answering the question why he doesn't want to run in the 2015 presidential elections as a candidate, Seviarynets reminded that his criminal record didn't allow him to be elected even a member of a rural council for the next two years. Seviaryents thinks the presidency is not a bonus or a privilege, but the cross.

You may find it a paradox, but I don't envy Lukashenka because of the great responsibility for today's Belarus. It's hard to imagine what happens with his soul, he said.

Seviarynets hopes that there are people in Belarus who are able to bear the frontal collision with the regime in the presidential race. The BCD, he says, insists on a single candidate, who will sacrifice himself for all of us. Anyone who agrees to become this figure deserves to be supported by all people, the opposition activist is sure.

He says would like to see imprisoned or released politicians as a single candidate. I'd prefer Mikalai Statkevich, Mikalai Autukhovich, Ales Bialiatski, Aliaksandr Kazulun, Zmitser Dashkevich, though he is young, Seviarynets said adding that these people can become strong leaders able to go through another prison term and torture.

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