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Minsk will lose hundreds millions dollars in the conflict with Kiev 19

9:19, — Economics

Minsk will lose hundreds millions dollars in the conflict with Kiev

In the case of closing its markets for Ukrainian goods Belarus will suffer huge losses.

This is how the head of the analytical center Third Sector Andrej Zalatarou commented for the web-site on the statement made by Lukashenka, saying that Belarus will protect its markets from Ukraine.

May be Ukraine in the EU is actually advantageous for Lukashenka as a lobbyist and a bridge in the relations with Europe. But it is not Belarus, but Russia that plays first fiddle in the Customs Union. Whether he likes or not Lukashenka will have to follow the team play. Despite the market area being promissory, Belarus will protect its market from Ukrainian goods and close its markets just as all the Customs Union countries. In this case it is an objective process, - the political scientist stated.

The expert is convinced that this will mean big losses for Belarus and for Russia alike.

First of all this refer to the products of machine building and chemical industries and metallurgy, which Ukraine sells to Belarus. It is the matter of hundreds of millions of dollars. For example, not there are talks that carriages for the Customs Union will be produced in Belarus in order not to purchase the Ukrainian ones. Yet again, this implies time and spending and, accordingly, losses. Economy is a two way street. When we speak about Ukraines losses due to the Customs Unions introduction of protective measures, it is worth to mention that the countries of the Union lose too. At least for Belarus, which is Ukraines third largest trading partner, this may appear to be very sensible. But Lukashenka will do whatever Vladimir Putin says, and will play from the score of his bigger partners. Moscows interests are the key in the Customs Union, and in this case they will define Minsks economic policy. But if we proceed from Belarus economic interests and Lukashenkas political interests, then Ukraine signing an association agreement with the EU is to his advantage, - Andrej Zalatarou summarized.

We would remind that yesterday the Belarusian dictator claimed that the Customs Union countries were ready to jointly protect their economies from possible negative consequences of Ukraines possible signing of an association agreement with the European Union.

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