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Putin to Lukashenka: With you everything is managed in torture chambers

10:55, — Politics

Putin to Lukashenka: With you everything is managed in torture chambers

The president of Russia made a joke on the Belarusian dictators way to rule the country.

Russia 24 TV channel notes that todays summit of the CIS heads of states coincided with the Belarusian ruler with housewarming. He received guests in the newly built Independence Palace for the first time. The residence was built on stepped-up tempo, and together with Belarusians workers from friendly North Korea too worked at the construction site. Apparently that is why an Asia accent can be caught in the architecture. The microphones were checked and adjusted until the last minute, but the equipment still failed, - the TV channel reports.

Everything works! Everything is managed here, behind the wall, - Lukashenka explained to his colleagues.

With Aliaksandr Grigorievich everything is managed behind the walls, - Vladimir Putin made a joke immediately, apparently hinting at the case of the head of Uralkali. (In Russian behind the walls is an expression for torture chambers).

Lukashenka pretended not to notice the piquing remark, the Izvestiya reports.

We would remind that the head of the Russian company Vladislav Baumgertner was detained at Minsk airport on 26 August after the meeting with Belarus Prime Minister Mikhail Miasnikovich. Belarus Investigatory Committee charged him with the violation of part 3 of the article 424 of Belarus Criminal Code (power abuse). The article provides for the punishment of imprisonment for up to 10 year and the confiscation of property. After the measure of restraint was selected he was placed in the jail of Belarus KGB.

On 26 September, on the eve of Putins visit to Belarus, Uralkalis director general was put on house arrest.

On 12 October Russias Investigatory Committee received the documents of the criminal case against Uralkalis director general Vladislav Baumgertner and started their own process. On 21 October Moscows Basmanny court ruled to take him into custody in absentia.

Photo: Dmitry Azarov/Kommersant

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