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Director general of Yunost hockey club arrested 21

7:41, — Crime

Director general of Yunost hockey club arrested

The Investigatory Committee reported of the arrest of a former director general of the Yunost hockey club Eduard Zotau.

They information was made public yesterday in a few days after the official was fired, Pressball reports.

It was not reported officially of the perturbations in the top-management of the six time countrys champions. Unofficially the reason for the dismissal is lingering with the commissioning of Chyzhouka-Arena, the construction of which was supervised by the hockey club as a managing organization.

Now Eduard Zotau (in the picture) has been arrested, and it has been officially confirmed by the press-secretary of the Investigatory Committee of the Republic of Belarus Paviel Traulka.

Criminal charges have been brought against Mr. Zotau according to the part 9 of the article 2010 Embezzlement by the means of power abuse. The restriction measure selected for the time of the investigation is an arrest. This is all I can tell so far.

The director general of the HC Yunost has been arrest for two months, however the term may be prolonged.

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