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Ukrainian politologist: Yanukovych shows obscene gesture to West 9

14:52, — Politics

Ukrainian politologist: Yanukovych shows obscene gesture to West

The attack on Kiev protesters became the final proof that the integration with Europe is not a priority for the Ukrainian authorities.

Yuriy Yakymenko, a deputy head of Rozumkov analytical centre, spoke to about the night attack on the Euromaidan rally in Kiev.

The events last night and this morning eliminate the possibility of reaching a political compromise that was to begin yesterday at rountable talks. It is a demonstrative gesture to the West, because violence against protesters was used when both the US Assistant Secretary of State and Catherine Ashton were here. The violence looks like a deliberate display of the fact that the integration with Europe is not a priority or a real aim for Ukraine. Actually, it is another scenario, which supposes destabilisation, violent stabilisation and continuation of Ukraine's integration in another, Eurasian, direction. It fact, this is a pro-Russian scenario. It's obvious that it was prepared for Ukraine in Russia, the expert is confident.

The politologist noted that videos and photos taken this night and morning show that it wasn't a non-violent operation to push protesters back.

The difference with the dispersal on November 30 is that, unlike today, people didn't resist. The authorities chose violent actions after they had announced the start of negotiations and representatives of the EU and the US, who condemned using violence and supported people's right to peaceful protests, had arrived in Kiev. It means a demonstrative break of their promises, Yuriy Yakimenko underscored.

Berkut riot police made an attempt to storm the Kiev city hall building and break up the rally last night, but the police had to retreat meeting resistance from protesters.

The police suspended the attack in the morning. Street cleaners continue to dismantle barricades in the cleared territory, but don't move to protesters, observers say. Ukrainian opposition leaders call on the police not to obey unlawful orders and not to use violence against demonstrators.

People are coming to the square. About 30,000 people gathered on Independence Square near the stage and 30,000 people stand near the square, journalists report. More people continue to come. Taxi drivers take people to Kiev's centre for free.

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