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Strike on MTZ plant?  ? photos 308

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Strike on MTZ plant?

Workers report about a catastrophic salary reduction at Minsk Tractor Plant (MTZ).

Wages were 2.5 to 4 million rubles, the cuts reached 30%. A worker sent photos of empty shops and said workers refused to work in some shops.

This is how some MTZ shops look today. People come to the plant, but they don't work for the second day. The pay slips that workers received on Monday puzzles them. Wages for November fell 1-1.5 million rubles to 2.5-4 million. Salaries have been reducing since summer, but there were no such sharp cuts. People are shocked. They fulfilled the plan and worked 20 days in November. Promises of managers don't work any more. They began to threaten, but even threats don't help. Managers don't give pay slips to all workers at one time they probably fear a general strike, the worker writes.

The MTZ plant administration told all workers worked as usual.

There's no strike. Of course, there are people unhappy with their salaries. The strike is probably a rumour. The plant is working, the website's journalist was told in the director's office. As for the November wages, the journalist was advised to contact deputy director on ideology Vasily Tymanovich, but he didn't pick up the phone.

One of the country's biggest plant already appeared in news earlier. Workers said in August that many quit the plant after they hadn't received the promised salaries. The plant management continued to say there were no problems at the plant.

MTZ workers wrote in spring that the plant's area was filled with tractors that no one wants to buy.

More than 20,000 tractors can be seen in the territory of the plant and in the village of Abchak. Tractors are everywhere, even on pedestrian paths, in the territory of the plant. People had to squeeze through unsold vehicles. The Google Maps pictures, which were recently published on the website, were taken last year. They are old. Now the entire area of the plant is filled with tractors. Old workers say the situation was better even in the turbulent 1990s, workers wrote in May.

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