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Tax on social parasites postponed 63

9:50, — society

Tax on social parasites postponed

The authorities don't know how to find social parasites.

The draft law wasn't included in the plans for 2014, Yezhednevnik reports.

The government made a number of creative decisions on new tax to fill the state budget. It was proposed to impose taxes on car owners and the people who don't work for no objective reasons.

The first idea was included in the draft state budget for 2014, but the tax on social parasites won't be imposed. The government doesn't know how to implement the idea.

Aliaksandr Miakinnik, a deputy head of the standing commission for budget and finances at the House of Representatives, says the proposal to impose a tax on the unemployed wasn't included in the budget and draft amendments to the Tax Code.

The MP thinks the idea has several drawbacks. Firstly, many women don't work not because they don't want, but because they have to look after children. If the country had enough nursery schools, if there were no long queues to nursery schools, we would say women don't want to work. But we haven't provided conditions for it, the MP said.

He thinks only anti-social elements alcoholics and homeless people can be considered to be social parasites.

But they already have fines they cannot pay, Aliaksandr Miakinnik says. We will lay more burden on them, but they won't be able to pay.

The MP noted there were grounds to impose such a law injustice in relation to honest tax-payers. Some people pay taxes, but some go to Russia to work illegally.

But they will return to get pension! the MP says with indignation.

There are no possibilities to restore justice due to absence of tools of finding such people.

If we had the necessary tools, the law could be adopted, Aliaksandr Miakinnik supposed.

We remind that the Ministry of Finance said about the preparation of the draft decree to impose a tax on the people who don't work and don't pay taxes, but use social services. It was supposed that such people will pay 2.6 million Belarusian rubles a year. It was planned to use this money in the social sphere.

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