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Pavel Seviarynets: Lukashenka also used to hesitate between EU and Russia's 6

15:10, — Politics

Pavel Seviarynets: Lukashenka also used to hesitate between EU and Russia's

Yanukovych already chose Moscow, but he tries to make a show for public.

Pavel Seviarynets, a former political prisoner and a co-head of the organizing committee to create the Belarusian Christian Democracy party, spoke to about the latest events in Ukraine.

Yanukovych follows Lukashenka's path. He tries to create the authoritarian regime in Ukraine. The Kremlin supports his intention. Ukraine has more freedom, national conscience, faith and spirit [than Belarus]. It gives the opportunity to protect some pieces of freedom. Freedom will win sooner or later. It probably will be sooner in Ukraine and later in Belarus, but it will be faster then we expect, the politician thinks.

The BCD co-head is convinced Yanukovych already chose Moscow, but he is in two minds.

Lukashenka also used to hesitate between Europe and Russia. If we recall the mid-1990s, we will see the same moves. We know it for 20 years. The only difference is that Kremlin's pressure on Minsk was stronger and people's pushback was weaker. Yanukovych would like to have uncontrollable power and control Ukraine's wealth, but there are interests of oligarchs and western companies that invested in Ukraine, there are the people of Ukraine, which is the most important thing. In the Belarusian case, there are people and Europe's interests, but we have a stronger regime. It doesn't mean it will last forever. It means that we it will be a bigger surprise for us when it begins to ruin, and we will need more time to recover, Pavel Seviarynets said.

Berkut riot police made an attempt two days ago to storm the Kiev city hall building and break up the rally, but the police had to retreat meeting resistance from protesters.

The police suspended the attack in the morning. Street cleaners continued to dismantle barricades in the cleared territory, but didn't move to protesters.

In the evening, Viktor Yanukovych offered the opposition to take part in the national dialogue.

Kiev's Independence Square looks like a snow fortress with barricades reaching five metres high and guards to warn about the approaching police. Due to uncertain weather, snow in bags turned into ice. People say they are ready to remain on the square until Christmas.

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