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Minimum wage in Belarus equal to tips for hotel maids in Spain 113

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Minimum wage in Belarus equal to tips for hotel maids in Spain

How do wages of Belarusians look like in comparison with incomes of Europeans?

The minimum hourly wage in Belarus will be increased by 1,000 rubles, but it doesn't help to reach the level recommended by the International Labor Organization.

Under the government's decree No. 1076 of December 14, the minimum hourly wage in Belarus will be 9,890 rubles starting next year (against 8,760 rubles in November 2013). The minimum monthly wage will rise to 1,660,000 rubles on January 1, Salidarnasts reports.

In accordance with the current exchange rate, the minimum wage in Belarus is 1 dollar per hour, though, according to recommendations of the International Labor Organization, the minimum hourly wage rate should be at least 3 dollars.

It's interesting to compare minimum wages for different jobs. For example, the hourly rate for a operator of mining machines of the 7th qualification degree at Belaruskali company is 26,475 rubles.

According to Siarhei Charviakou, the chair of the Independent Trade Union of Miners, the wage rates in the company haven't been changed since July 1, 2012.

To compare, the hourly wage rate for an electrician of the 6 qualification degree at Belshina plant is 9,190 rubles, says Mikhail Ustinovich, the chair of the primary organisation of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union.

A driver at Belaruskali earns from 10,000 to 14,000 rubles per hour.

A school teacher receives 25,000-27,000 per lesson, teacher Sviatlana from a gymnasium says.

The hourly rate in Germany, Spain, Slovenia and Croatia is from 5 to 18.7 euros. The minimum wage of 1 dollar per hour is a derision, taking into account that 1 or 2 dollars is the size tips for taxi drivers, hotel maids and porters in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Belarusians look poor in comparison with the wage rates in European countries. The growth of the minimum wage by 1,000 rubles will hardly increase the living standards in the country, especially taking into account the price growth and gradual devaluation.

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