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Amkodor-Belvar management makes concessions to workers 19

14:07, — society

Amkodor-Belvar management makes concessions to workers

Plant workers received full wages after a strike.

Anarchist activists managed to enter the plant on Tuesday, hand out about 50 leaflets How to start a strike and talk to workers. They were told that workers of the foundry shop were on strike. The rest didn't join the strike but supported the protesting workers. Many accuse the new director who appeared a year ago and brought new managers that resulted in a decrease in sales, reports.

The warehouses are filled with finished products. Active repair works are being carried out and facades of the plant buildings are being painted. Workers say it is just a window dressing for inspectors. They don't approve such expenses in the situation when they don't receive salaries. Workers don't like the official trade union that took the side of the plant management during the recent conflict and persuaded workers not to start a strike. Some quit the trade union seeing no sense in paying membership fees to the bureaucratic institution.

Workers don't have contacts between the shops and often don't know what is going in the neighbouring shop. The first shift doesn't know what happens on the second shift. Many heard something about the strike, but even people from the foundry shop don't have precise information about it. They say the strike was probably organised by the other shift. All workers heard the promises of the plant management to pay overdue salaries by the end of the week and said they would take more decisive actions of they didn't receive money on time. The plant authorities finally paid the wages on Friday.

As informed earlier, workers of the plant Amkodor-Belvar went on strike protesting against overdue wages.

We have a delay in salary payments. It is not long, but we still have not received money for last month. There are no sales: in the recent several months only several trucks entered the plants territory, but it is a drop in the ocean in comparison with the annual plan of over 200,000 meat grinders of questionable quality. The money that the company provides on an unclear basis is spent on paying the enterprises debts. We have neither salaries nor advance payments. The enterprises management invests money into cosmetic renovation of the buildings and the 'modernization', but at the same time it lays off workers, a plant worker told

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