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TV Rain: Berkut has equated Yanukovich and Lukashenka regimes

14:37, — Politics

The regime of Viktor Yanukovich has become truly brotherly to the Lukashenka regime.

The leader of the parliamentary faction Motherland Arseny Yatseniuk claimed after the brutal dispersal of protesters in Kiev city center that Ukraine had turned into Belarus within a week, and advised president Yanukovich to change the name to Lukashenka, TV Rain reminds.

Lets go back to the winter 2010. 19 December, Minsk. Pre-term presidential elections have just taken place in Belarus. The Central Elections Commission has announced the results, which contradicted all the surveys of public opinion and exit-polls. Lukashenka, who allegedly scored 80% of the votes with the 90% turnout, was proclaimed the winner. Up to 60 thousand people came out in the streets for a spontaneous protest. The crowd, unsatisfied with CECs official figures, reaches the House of Government. Windows are broken, door knocked out. Brutal cleansing starts by police and the army. Over 600 people detained. 41 people were sentenced to criminal imprisonments on the criminal case on mass disturbances of 19 December.

Lukashenka dealt shortly with his political rivals in an extremely brutal way. This is what happened to the former presidential candidates: Andrei Sannikov spent almost two years in prison, had to escape Belarus, received political asylum in Great Britain; Mikalaj Statkievich is serving the six-year imprisonment term in high security prison; Dzmitry Vus spent half a year behind bars and was pardoned; Alaksiej Michalevic managed to secretly escape to Czech Republic, where he got political asylum.

To Russians the dispersal of protesters in Kiev, of course, reminds of the events of 6 May 2012 and the Bolotnaya case. The same case of mass disturbances as in Belarus, only before the inauguration of Vladimir Putin. Out of 28 defendants on the Bolotnaya case two have already been sentenced to imprisonment, Mikhail Kosenko has been sentenced to forced medical treatment. Most of the defendants are under arrest, twenty of them are facing imprisonment for from 2 to 13 years.

The people, detained in Kiev, are so far only accused of disorderly conduct and insubordination to police. Who knows, what is to follow Viktor Yanukovich already took the decision to use force against unarmed people.

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