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Yury Khashchavatski: Lukashenka is awfully scared by situation in Ukraine  ? 160

16:50, — Politics

Yury Khashchavatski: Lukashenka is awfully scared by situation in Ukraine

The democracy, which the ruler speaks about, will end in a tragedy.

Film director Yury Khashchavatski spoke to about the remark of Lukashenka about the end of the dictatorship and the beginning of a democratic period.

Lukashenka once said he was a dictator. He was proving that a dictatorship is the best form of government. Now he had decided to be a democrat. But he tries to deceive everyone as he usually do. Like the word 'modernisation' last year, the word 'democracy' will be the most popular word of the state-owned media. But the democracy announced by Lukashenka will end in the same way as the modernisation did. The authorities created the electoral legislation that doesn't contain loopholes. The democracy in Lukashenka style will look like that: all will do whatever they want. People will vote as they like and electoral committees will count their votes as they like, the director said.

Yury Khashchavatski supposes that the Belarusian dictator is awfully scared by the situation in Ukraine.

He understands Russia will continue to save him, but on the other hand, he knows Russia hates him. He understands he can lose his balance. So he decided to use the word 'democracy'. It's usual that he lies to the whole country, but he also lies to himself. When you begin to lie to yourself, it's scary. It means mental problems. An ill person should be treated, but Lukashenka is incurably ill, the film director says.

The Belarusian ruler and head of the Central Election Commission Yarmoshyna discussed the forthcoming elections. The election campaigns should become a demonstration of the true democracy, according to the dictator.

As I understand, the period of dictatorship ends. The period of democracy (we cannot avoid it) starts next year. The election to local council are likely to give a start to it. I hope we'll end this period in a peaceful way with the presidential election, which, as far as I understand, is scheduled for 2015, Lukashenka noted.

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