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30 punk concert goers detained in Viciebsk

14:34, — Politics

30 punk concert goers detained in Viciebsk

People have been detained in Viciebsk who were going to a punk concert.

Punk-music amateurs from have been under police supervision in the waiting room of Viciebsk railway station for several hours already.

- A concert of several Minsk punk-bands was supposed to take place in Viciebsk today. We came by train someone from Minsk, someone from Brest. In Vorsha we faced policemen, who did not introduce and rudely demanded to show documents, - one of the detained told Nasha Niva.

The policemen inspected the guys personal belongings. One of them attempted to film that. They took away his phone and formatted the memory card.

The same happened with the musicians, who took this train.

From Vorsha to Viciebsk the young men were accompanied by two policemen. At the railway station in Viciebsk people in mufti were expecting together with riot police and police.

- We were taken to a police station. They told us there that we were not detained, but were taken there for our own safety, since there were allegedly 30 local Nazis, who wanted to attack us.

We tried to find out why we were detained, those, who simply came to listen and play music, but not those, who allegedly was plotting on an attack. We got no answer, - Maksim says.

The policemen said there would be no concert. They demanded that the young men changed their tickets for the train Viciebsk-Hrodna at 18.50. Salihorsk residents, who could not change or buy tickets, were sent to Vorsha by a diesel train.

Currently about 25 people are under police supervision in the Viciebsk railway stations waiting room.

- We are only let out in small groups to the toilet and the nearest shops in the territory of the railway station. There are three policemen with us, one of them is in mufti. There are several riot policemen at the exit from the waiting room. Some people could stay and spend the night with their relatives and friends, but we are made to leave the city precisely today, - Maksim says.

According to Maksim, two guys from Vorsha, who were also going for the concert, were taken by a KGB agent he came to the police station, pointed a finger at them and said those come with me.

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