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Aleh Vouchak: Sentence to Dankov is signal to all businessmen 8

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Aleh Vouchak: Sentence to Dankov is signal to all businessmen

The authorities have a black file on every businessmen.

Aleh Vouchak, the head of the organisation Legal Assistance to Citizens and a former prosecution investigator, spoke to about the verdict to Yury Dankov.

I don't have information whether he shared his income with someone or not, but I know the building of Dankoff Club, which is located in the city centre, was restored by Yury Dankov. There's a polyclinic of the Interior Ministry nearby, so it's possible that the authorities decided to use the moment to take the building and close his business. It wasn't news that there was a brothel in the building, the human rights activist said.

It means the authorities have a black file on every businessman to use it at the right moment, before elections or to show the appearance of the fight against corruption, according to the lawyer.

But the fight should be real, it shouldn't be phantom. The verdict to Dankov is a signal to all businessmen to be vigilant. As for the casino, it is big business. A team of lawyer is working to make them comply with international standards. It's possible the authorities will launch a purge against 'wrong' casinos that have violations, Aleh Vouchak said.

The owner of Dankoff Club, Yury Dankov, was sentenced to 8 years in prison and confiscation of property. The court decision was delivered by Minsk's Maskouski district court on December 23.

The trial began on September 18 behind closed doors. Yury Dankov's relatives say he pleaded not guilty to most counts, including organising a brothel and forcing into prostitution.


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