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Ukrainian expert: Yanukovych thumbs his nose behind Putins back

13:48, — Politics

Ukrainian expert: Yanukovych thumbs his nose behind Putins back

By being absent in Moscow Ukraines president tries to win the tag game with the Russian president.

Such an opinion came from the head of an analytical center Third Sector Andriy Zolotarev as he commented for the web-site on the absence of Viktor Yanukovych in Moscow at the session of the Higher Eurasian Economic Council.

There were lots of rumors yesterday in Kiev about an alleged stroke that Yanukovych had, which the presidents press-service disproved in a somewhat uncertain and awkward manner. Nevertheless, there are all the reasons to believe that everything is well with the president, who is hiding from the people in the thickness of Mezhyhirya forests. May be some light sickness did take place, but nevertheless it is Azarov, who went, - the political scientist noted.

The analyst added that it was not only the matter of Yanukovychs health,it was a political move.

First, the president aims to escape the topic of behind the scene deals with Putin. It is not without a ground that the opposition suspects Yanukovych of totally surrendering the countrys national interests to his Russian partner, since the devil is always in the detail, the details are very representative. For example, Yanukovych announced the construction of Kerch bridge pass to be done together with Russia. It is the very pass that Hitler started building in 1943, and then the Soviet authorities finished and destroyed. All the three predecessors of Yanukovych were extremely irreceptive of this project. Not there is apparently some light, which brings up questions, since it is the project of strategic connection between the Crimea and Russia, not Ukraine and Russia. It is representative, and the president should get rid of not unfounded suspicions. That is why it would have been too representative to fly to Moscow, while there is Maydan protest taking place in the capital, it could have given it an additional impulse, - the expert highlighted.

The political scientist believes that it is exactly why it is Azarov, who went to Moscow, whom both the opposition and the authorities are sick of.

It was claimed that Azarov will not sign anything there related to the Customs Union. Secondly, it is a tag game with Putin. Knowing the character of Viktor Yanukovych and the peculiarities of his political behavior, I keep stuck on the thought that they are still trying to dupe one another. Once Hitler and Stalin played the tag game, which ended badly, but it was an obvious fact. There is also a fact of such a political game in the relations between Putin and Yanukovych, both thumb their noses behind the others back. Thirdly, I think that Yanukovych has simply got tired. People from his entourage repeatedly spoke of the presidents closed nature, that he aspires for rest, after a month of stress he simply wants to rest, - Andriy Zolotarev summarized.

We would remind that these days the session of the Higher Eurasian Economic Council is taking place in Moscow with the participation of Vladimir Putin, Aliaksandr Lukashenka and Nursultan Nazarbaev. Ukraine was supposed to be represented by Yanukovych, but it came out yesterday that the Ukrainian president would not go to Moscow and the Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov would go instead.

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