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Road police officers: Maybe it will wash Lukashenka's brain  ?

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Road police officers: Maybe it will wash Lukashenka's brain

A road police officer from Minsk wrote to to support the Stop Tax protests.

He says many road police officers support protesters and asks drivers to refrain from provocations and rude actions.

We are citizens of the same country. Many people have solidarity with you, the road police officer writes.

The next Stop Tax action will be held at 18:00 on Friday, December 27. Participants are going to head to central streets of Belarusian towns to show their discontent over a new car tax.

The full text of the letter from the road police officer is below. The website doesn't disclose his name.

Hello, My name is []. I am a road police officer.

I'd like to write about the Stop Tax protests and how friends from the road police take it. It may be a surprise for you, but most road inspectors are against the transport duty. They even support the brave action 'Stop Tax'. The reason is simple. All of us have cars. We don't like the new tax. There are different people in the road police. There are fools, careerists, rascals. There are high-ranking officials using company cars. But they are a minority. Most people are normal. I heard my colleagues saying before the action: 'Let them protest. Maybe it will wash Lukashenka's brain.'

I know that many observed the law during the previous action and sabotaged stupid orders. But it's difficult to stand up openly when you got used to fulfilling orders. My personal opinion is that car owners did the right thing last time: they were honking the horn, moving at a low speed protesting against imposing the tax, but they gave way to ambulances, behaved in a polite way and did't organise provocations against police officers. I'd like them to behave in the same way this time. Remember, we are citizens of the same country. Many people have solidarity with you.

I'd like to add that though I love my job and do it well, I will quit if they try to use us to punish people.

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