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Ruslana: I strongly count on support from Belarusians

12:49, — Politics

Ruslana: I strongly count on support from Belarusians

Famous Ukrainian singer addressed Belarusians.

Ruslana spent these days in Nezalezhnosti Square together with hundreds thousands of other protesters. She addressed our compatriots on the air of Radio Racyja.

I have always known that Belarusian people strongly support Ukraine. Dear brothers! I performed in Belarus many times, we love Belarus very much, you must believe my words. What was done in Ukraine was a crime against Ukrainian people. Ukrainian people saw a future for themselves, they realized that Europe would provide insurance, which we would be able to use in order to get rid of corruption, bribes, violence, lawlessness. Courts are bribed in Ukraine, the justice is bribed, law only work for those, who control them, - she said.

The singer explained why hundreds of thousands of her countrys citizens came out for protest actions.

We actually do want to integrate with the European Union, because we want Ukraine to be protected by standards and requirements. We no longer want the privatization of the country, we do not was gas to be turned off, for the country to be humiliated and blackmailed. There is no politics in that these are common people, who have come out to the Maydan, there were no political flags above them on the day, when students were beaten. Students are the most principled people in the world, they are always idealists and maximalists, they stand for ideas, no one is able to provoke them, they are sincere and completely convinced of their views. These were simple guys, who were beaten half-dead. The girls, who were sleeping, were also brutally beaten like you could not imagine. I saw that blood with my own eyes, I can tell you it is a terrible sight.

Do not believe what politicians of provocateurs tell you on the news, please, believe simple words by people, people will tell you only one thing this was an atrocity against children. We will never be able to forget that, because it was an actual bloody night, they were beaten with pleasure, with a grin, and screamed: You asked for it you get it! How could this happen? Who did that, president Yanukovich? Why is he saying now that he has nothing to do with that? The authorities washed their hands and told these were not them. But then who? Who ordered to beat peaceful young people? I strongly count on the support of Belarusian people. Common Ukrainians love you very much and strongly count on understanding in hard times, come to the Maydan, stay with us for couple hours, - Ruslana said.

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