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Authorities prepare new blow for market traders  ? 191

13:28, — society

Authorities prepare new blow for market traders

The Belarusian authorities want to amend the Tax Code to forbid retail sale for sole traders paying the fixed tax.

Aliaksandr Makaeu, one of the leader of the small businessmen movement, spoke to about a delay in the introduction of the new rules for market traders.

When they prepare the amendments to the Tax Code that exclude retail sales from the list of activities liable to a fixed tax, it is not a respite. It will be a catastrophe at the beginning of the next year. The authorities postponed the introduction of new rules until July 1, but Lukashenka prepares a draft decree on business activity on January 1, 2014. Moreover, a provision of the new Tax Code, which, by the way, wasn't proposed to us for discussion, prohibits retail sales for payers of the fixed tax. The fixed tax will be imposed only on people offering services, the activist underscored.

Aliaksandr Makaeu says unlike private unitary enterprises and those working on general terms, payers of the fixed tax are allowed not to have invoices.

If this ban is imposed, Belarusian markets will stop working. Strikes and protests will start, and market traders will protect their rights. When the authorities had forbidden the forum of small businessmen scheduled for November 25, we had a meeting in the BPF party office. Many small businessmen from regions were present at the meeting. A resolution was adopted. We won't pay taxes starting January 1, 2014. We should raise alarm right now. We should demand the authorities to show the amendments to the Tax Code to small businessmen and experts, because the above mentioned provision in fact bans activity of sole traders. The authorities should immediately explain what they are going to do to decrease tension at markets. Market traders are already pessimistic, the businessman says.

The document received by the organisation Perspective from a deputy minister of economy confirms that the current certification procedures remain in force.

The State Standartisation Committee says it didn't release any legal acts to change the rules of confirming the requirements of the Customs Union's technical regulations 017/2011 On safety of light industry products for sole traders paying the fixed tax on December 1, 2013. The transition period for light industry products remains in force on the territory of the Customs Union until July 1, 2014, the document says.

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