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New Years speech of the resident of Republic of Belarus (Video)

14:02, — Society

Siarhiej Mikhalok promised to dismiss Lapis Trubetskoy band.

The musician addressed Belarusians with a New Years speech, uploaded on YouTube. Siarhiej Mikhalok told what he would do in the coming year.

In 2014 I take the obligation to join the Belarusian Republican Youth Union at least in retrospect. I take the obligation to earn the title Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus. I take the obligation to become an honored resident of Minsk, the hero city, - he claimed.

For that purpose the musician promised to play in the festivals Slavic Bazaar and Dazhynki, as well as organize a concert marathon dedicated to the Ice Hockey World Championship. Siarhiej Mikhalok also claimed that he would bite in the hand of Lavon Volski and dismiss Lapis Trubetskoy band.

We would remind that the musicians concerts are banned in Belarus. He was compelled to live outside the country for a long time and only returned to Minsk a month ago after the birth of his son.

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