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Lukashenka: You buy Mercedes for $100,000, but cannot pay taxes?  ? 207

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Lukashenka: You buy Mercedes for $100,000, but cannot pay taxes?

The ruler ordered to deal with excesses in 2014.

Lukashenka ordered to optimise the healthcare and education systems. The appropriate instructions were given today during a visit to Praleska childrens medical rehabilitation centre in the town of Rakau (the Valozhyn district), BelTA reports.

Lukashenka asked during his visit to the rehab centre if such medical institutions were in demand. Ministry of healthcare Vasily Zharko said the centre had all conditions for treatment and rehabilitation of children and added it was really needed. The physical infrastructure of the centre has recently been updated.

We won't grudge anything for children, but there should be no excesses. The state cannot take additional burden, the ruler said. If someone needs treatment or rehabilitation, we should give it, but there shouldn't be excessiveness in the healthcare and education.

Speaking about the state's expenses on the social sector, Lukashenka mentioned the so called transport duty.

If they are asked to help, they begin to lament. They can buy a Mercedes for $100,000, but can't pay a transport duty (about $70) for good roads, he noted.

You need to understand that it's huge money, the ruler emphasised noting that the upgrading of Praleska centre cost about $110 billion.

We'll give money if you need it. But we need optimisation next year. Children should have whatever they need, because they are a priority. The rest things are secondary, he said.

Lukashenka pointed out the need for staff optimisation in view of a high personnel-to-patients ratio. He noted the staff of the Palace of Independence didn't exceed 10 people.

Let's start optimising the healthcare and education. People should have workload and normal wages, otherwise they will run to Russia or other places, he said to governor of the Minks region Siamion Shapira.

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