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KGB opens case against Investigation Committee 43

8:03, — Crime

KGB opens case against Investigation Committee

A criminal case was opened against a lieutenant colonel of justice working for the Investigation Committee of Belarus.

He is suspected of accepting a large bribe. The lieutenant colonel working for the Investigation Committee as a deputy head of the investigation department for the Minsk district is accused of violating part 3 of article 430 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (accepting a large bribe, or accepting a bribe by an organised group or by an executive official), Yezhednevnik writes.

Both the KGB and the Investigation Committee refuse to disclose details of the case. The lieutenant colonel is suspected of extorting and accepting a large bribe for closing a criminal case he was investigating.

The official was detained. All cases he had investigated for the last few years are being checked. It's possible that it wasn't the only bribe he accepted.

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