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KGBs operation Godfather failed

13:03, — Politics

KGBs operation Godfather failed

The arrest of Uladzislav Lazar was politically motivated from the beginning.

The opinion was shared by the head of the organizations Legal assistance to citizens, former investigator of prosecutors office Alef Vouchak, as he commented for the web-site on the release of priest Lazar from KGB jail.

From the very beginning this detention looked very weird, considering that neither the relatives, nor acquaintances, nor parishioners could understand where he was. Uladzislav Lazars location was kept secret like he was the head of some especially dangerous criminal syndicate, whose arrest had to be concealed. I had a feeling that there was something wrong, since KGB did not provide explanations at once, - the human rights activist noted.

The lawyer added that, according to certain sources, Lazar was released from Americanka, because he did not admit quilt.

In general, had there been serious grounds for his detention, Belarusian Television would have already broadcasted a show Godfather telling how he passes money to spies and cooperated with them, - the former prosecutor offices investigator is convinced.

Aleh Vouchak believes that the public, journalists and human rights activists should immediately react to such situations, instead of waiting for justice.

To me personally priest Lazar remains a prisoner of conscience and a political prisoner, and his arrest was another trick by the middle level of special service employees, who wanted to make reputation fast, a rank and authority after the failure of Hajdukous case. But KGB agents did not get what they had counted on. God willing, priest Lazar will be completely freed, - the head of the Legal assistance to citizens summarized.

We would remind that priest Lazar was released from KGB prison, but there are still criminal charges against the priest.

On 26 July Lukashenka claimed that an employee of Belarusian special services was detained, who worked for foreign states via representatives of the Catholic Church. The specials service agent, he specified, not only did leak information, but people suffered from his activities, who worked abroad. Shortly afterwards the information came out on priest Uladzislav Lazars detention.

It appeared that priest Uladzislav Lazar from Barysau had been arrested in late May and put into KGB jail. Only in 3 months the Catholic clergy was told that the priest had been accused of passing money to a person suspected of espionage against Belarus.


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