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Valer Fralou: Security Council will remain under Viktar Lukashenkas control

12:37, — Politics

Valer Fralou: Security Council will remain under Viktar Lukashenkas control

General Valer Fralou took military service with the new Security Councils Secretary and knows him well.

In an interview to the web-site he commented on Aliaksandr Miazhujeus new appointment.

I took military service with him and know that he has always tried to be fully responsible to his tasks. But I have certain doubts as to whether he will be able to implement his approaches at such a level. All in all, we served together for quite a long time, and I even awarded him the military rank of colonel ahead of schedule there still was the possibility in the times. This was not that simple, because it is difficult to become a colonel ahead of schedule, and I can characterize him as an officer from the very best side, - the military man noted.

The general assumes that the Belarusian dictator did not appoint his elder son for this position only because this would have been obvious nepotism.

Had this nepotism brought joy to our people, they would take a mild view of that, but this is not the case. That is why Lukashenka took this way and appointed not his son, but another person. Had he appointed Viktar, this would have given to many the opportunity to stigmatize him in full. Valer Fralou is convinced. This way or another Viktar Lukashenka will control Miazhujeu, because he is responsible for the law enforcers and is an aide to Lukashenka on national security, even more so he is his son. That is why nothing will, unfortunately, change in the Security Council, even with not the silliest people coming to work there, - the general summarized.

We would remind that the Belarusian ruler appointed Aliaksandr Miazhujeu the State Secretary of the Security Council. Mr. Miazhujeu is the chairman of the House of Representatives permanent commission on national security. At the end of November Miazhujeu has also been appointed the chairman of the Belarusian Officers Union.

Earlier exerts made assumptions that Lukashenkas elder son Viktar could become the new State Secretary of the Security Council. During Viktar Lukashenkas visit to the UAE in mid-November he was even received as the head of the national security.

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