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Minsk market traders call to start strike  ? 112

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Minsk market traders call to start strike

Market traders protest against changes in the legislation.

They worry about the amendments to the Tax Code that will forbid retail sales for payers of the fixed tax. They say the amendments will take force at the beginning of the next year. The Coordination Council of Minsk market traders calls to start a strike and stop paying taxes. It is said in a statement signed by the council head Aliaksandr Makaeu. received a copy of the statement.

There's precise information that the Belarusian authorities prepare amendments to the Tax Code and a new presidential decree in January 2014. The fixed tax for retail sellers will be lifted. The fixed tax will be preserved for businessmen offering services and for manufacturers. The measure will oblige market traders to have a full package of documents for their goods or to register themselves as private unitary enterprise, the statement says.

The coordination council took a decision to prepare a general strike in January 2014 and stop paying taxes and, possibly, the rent.

In January 2014, market traders will come to central squares of their towns to struggle for their further work at markets. These measures will be taken if the authorities don't explain by the end of the year what amendments to the tax code they plan and what the new decree on business activity will bring.

The latest big strike of market traders was held this summer. Markets of most big towns didn't work protesting against the new technical regulations of the Customs Union.

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