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Nursing home staff member beats 84-year-old pensioner for refusal to work 58

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Nursing home staff member beats 84-year-old pensioner for refusal to work

A staff member of the nursing home in the village of Shubina (Homel region) beat patient Klaudia Zhuraulyova.

The website learnt about the incident from Dzmitry Kazlouski, a grand-nephew of the 84-year-old pensioner.

Staff of the nursing house sometimes make elderly people, who are able to walk, work. When Klaudia Zhuraulyova refused to fulfil the illegal requirements, staff member Larysa Taropkina hit her several times. Zdmiter Kazlouski found bruises on old woman's face during his visit.

He says Klaudia Zhuraulyova didn't want to tell him about incident for fear of revenge from the staff. It was figured out that such methods of treating elderly people were routine and Klaudia Shuraulyova was not the only person who faced them.

Dzmitry Kazlouski called the police. Policemen arrived, drew up a report and appointed medical forensic examination for the injured pensioner. The nursing home personnel, however, refused to give a car to take Klaudia Zhuraulyova to a hospital.

It's not in their interests. I suspect the nursing home director knows the situation. He doesn't hurry to give a vehicle explaining there are no cars available, He just covers his employees, Dzmitry Kazlouski said.

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