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Police arbitrariness in residence hall of Minsk Linguistic University  ?

11:09, — Politics

Police arbitrariness in residence hall of Minsk Linguistic University

Policemen burst into rooms in a residence hall and made students remove wrong posters and stickers.

It happened ahead of the dictator's visit to the Minsk bread factory yesterday. Lukashenka's motorcade was to pass by the residence hall of Minsk State Linguistic University (MSLU) and the university officials decided to be careful, reports.

Police were called to help deans and the university staff.

They ordered to remove all posters, drawings, stickers and pictures on walls because Lukashenka would be passing by the residence hall on his way to the bread factory. Deans and other people visit every room. If no one is in, they take keys at the reception desk and enter rooms. As usual, they threaten to evict students and expel them from university. They ordered a couple of students to report about minor violations, though they are harmless. They established total control, a source said to the website.

The source noted that policemen were left on every storey.

It should be reminded that the Belarusian ruler visited the Minsk bread factory yesterday.

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