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Another Granits activist faces the threat of being fired 17

16:34, — Politics

Another Granits activist faces the threat of being fired

The administration of Granit undertook a new attack on the members of the independent trade union.

An activist of the Mikashevichi primary trade unions organization Leanid Dubanos fell under the threat of a dismissal.

The workers contract expires in March and the enterprises administration may not prolong it by making warnings.

- The first inspection came after a night shift on 19 February, - a member of the Belarusian independent trade unions primary organization at Granit Leanid Dubanos told to Salidarnacs. Me and my workmate had worked the night shift and went home. A commission came which did not allow the new brigade to start working and started an inspection. The commissions members said that the cable was not in order, although it is clear that everything can be done and said in the absence of workers. They started looking for a reason for a punishment. I work as assistant excavator driver and I had to write an explanation letter of six points and the driver himself a one of three or four points.

In two days the enterprises administration inspected Leanid Dubanos working place again.

- We came to work and hardly took over the excavator from the previous shift and an inspection of eight people came. Among them there was the chief engineer, engineer on safety measures, - the interlocutor continues. We were told that rags lied incorrectly and imposed penalties again. The commission members inspected several more excavators but only me and my workmate had to write letters of explanation.

The trade union activist directly links the warnings with his membership in the Belarusian independent trade unions primary organization.

- I leave on vacation on 1 March and the date of the contracts prolongation is approaching, - Leanid Dubanos notes. According to the law the contract is prolonged automatically if there were no penalties. Now, when there are penalties, the administration has a reason to fire me, not prolonging the contract.

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