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Haidukou's friend questioned in KGB 6

12:21, — Politics

Haidukou's friend questioned in KGB

Activist Yauheny Kanstantinau has been questioned by KGB officers as a witness in Andrei Haidukou's case.

The activist said to

I was questioned by the Minsk KGB department. It took two hours. I signed a non-disclosure agreement. They didn't tell me anything. I feel they will not summon me again.

He stressed he asked for a personal meeting with his friend.

Andrei's sister and I passed him a parcel before the interrogation. I also insisted on visiting my friend, but I was denied a meeting. I don't know how he is, Yauheny Kanstsantinau said.

It should be reminded that Andrei Haidukou was detained in Vitebsk on November 8. The 23-year-old worker of Naftan plant is charged with spying. Officially, the guy was detained as he was installing a dead drop with information interesting for foreign secret services.

Many find the accusation ridiculous. European Belarus civil campaign released a statement saying that the activist was detained for distributing Charter'97 newspaper. Human rights activists link Haidukou's arrest to his pro-opposition views and explain it by attempts to scare young activists.

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