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Activist from Byarouzauka exacted to pay for his trial 16

9:45, — Politics

Activist from Byarouzauka exacted to pay for his trial

Vitold Ashurak, a political activist from the town of Byarozauka, received a letter from the Lida district court.

Vitold Ashurak called the court and learnt he had to pay 150,000 for the costs of the Svislach district court, Viasna human rights centre informs.

It should be reminded that Ashurak was detained on October 27 last year for raising a national white-red-white flag on the Day of Memory of 1863 Insurgents. The court of Svislach sentenced him to three days in custody. He later paid for meals in custody. Now he has to pay the court costs for no reasons.

It's not the first case of persecution of the activist. He recently received an official letter obliging him to pay 78,000 rubles for being in custody in December 2010. Vitold Ashurak was detained during the post-election protests and sentenced to custody in 2010. Two years later, he was ordered to pay late payment fees for the time he spent in custody.

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