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Lukashenka pardoned corrupt officials  ? 103

12:52, — Politics

Lukashenka pardoned corrupt officials

Former chairmen of Polatsk city executive committee Uladzimir Tachyla and Polatsk district executive committee Valer Palidavets, accused of the abuse of power, were pardoned.

The head of the department for procedural control over the investigation of corruption crimes and the crimes against the interests of the service of the main directorate of procedural control of the Investigatory Committee of Belarus Dzmitry Varabijou reported about that on 6 February at a press-conference in Minsk, BelaPAN reports.

According to him, Tachyla and Palidavets completely reimbursed the material and other damage, caused by their activities, and wrote a plea for pardon to Lukashenka. On 27 December of the previous year they were pardoned and completely freed from the criminal responsibility, - Varabijou said.

We would remind that Tachyla was accused of illegally allocating pieces of land for him and his close ones in Polatsk in the protected landscape zone, near the Spaso-Eufrasinieuski nunnery in 2009. At the same time the power was abused and the historical and cultural value damaged.

Together with Tachyla his former deputy Siarhei Kuksa and former chairman of Polatsk district executive committee Valer Palidavets his deputy Aleh Ermakovich were involved in the case.

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