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African swine fever detected in Minsk region 36

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African swine fever detected in Minsk region

A third outbreak of African swine fever has been found in Belarus.

The disease was detected in the Staubtsy district of the Minsk region, learnt from the district veterinary station. An officer at the station says the outbreak was found in some villages of the Litva rural council.

The veterinary services set up a buffer zone around the villages with suspicion of the disease, she said. The station employee, who introduced herself as a secretary, didn't give further details and recommended to send a written request or contact the chief veterinary officer of the district. No one answered the phone in the office of the district's chief veterinary officer.

The district executive committee of Stabtsy declined to comment on the ASF outbreak. The committee officer said measures had been strengthened to prevent the spread of the disease in connection with the close proximity to the Iwye of the Hrodna region, where the outbreak was first detected.

On July 4, a second outbreak of African swine fever was detected in Belarus. The disease was confirmed in the Vitebsk region. The initial investigation showed that the cause of the outbreak was contaminated animal feed from Russia, the authorities say.

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