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KGB tries to hack Voloshin's email account 74

16:42, — Politics

KGB tries to hack Voloshin's email account

Secret services tried to hack an email account of the chairman of Uralkali's Board of Directors.

An attempt to crack the old email account of Alexander Voloshin, the chairman of Uralkali's Board of Directors, was made from Minsk, the businessman wrote on Twitter.

It's interesting that someone from Minsk tried to hack my email account I haven't been using for three years:), Voloshin wrote.

Voloshin disclosed the IP address that was probably involved in the attack: IP address: Location: Minsk, Belarus.

Uralkali CEO Vladislav Baumgertner has been in the KGB jail in Minsk for five days. The Belarusian Investigation Committee charged Baumgertner with abuse of power. He may face up to 10 years in prison.

Before his arrest, Uralkali CEO arrived in Minsk at the invitation of the country's prime minister Mikhail Miasnikovich.

The same invitations were also sent to chairman of the Board of Directors of Uralkali Alexander Voloshin and company's shareholder Suleyman Kerimov.

Photo: Kommersant

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